Rising Tides is more than a counselling agency. We also offer mental health workshops and other services that promote healing. It’s a place for sharing new ideas, coming together as a community and growing as people. We are driven to support not only individuals, but also groups and communities to their fullest potential.

Talking to Trauma Podcast

In this podcast, we share the stories of people who have been impacted by trauma. We are grateful for their willingness to share their healing journeys in order to help others. We are also curious to learn more about what helped them get through their difficult times. There are so many ways to heal. Our listeners will hear directly from people who have been impacted by trauma, gaining insight into the lessons and discoveries they have made in their own healing process.

We’ll also be sharing the experiences of the helpers, those who have dedicated their work and experience to helping others heal from trauma. We all benefit from deepening our understanding of the impact trauma has on individuals, families and communities.

Tune in bi-weekly for a new episode!

Listen to Talking to Trauma episodes here.

Early EMDR Intervention Webinar

In this one hour webinar, Lori covers the basics of Early EMDR Interventions, including R-TEP (Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol) and G-TEP (Group-Traumatic Episode Protocol). Learn more about these interventions and how they can be used to support individuals or groups who have been impacted by a recent traumatic event to assist in reduction of trauma-related symptoms and prevention of PTSD. If you are an employer or are responsible for others at risk of psychological injury, this webinar will be of interest to you.

Rise Up: Awake Your Healing Potential

This event is for anyone who is seeking to nurture their mind, body and soul. Throughout the day, you will experience new learning, resources and trans-formative tools to guide you in your own healing journey. Experiences will include yoga, nutrition, meditation and other trauma-based therapeutic activities. These workshops are temporarily on hold due to covid-19 but we hope to be offering them again soon!

Rising Minds Book Club

Most of us have purchased self-help books with the intention of digging in and learning more about ourselves or others. Often, we get distracted by our busy lives and don’t quite finish the whole thing. Or we finish it and we are really excited about what we learned, but would love to share our thoughts with someone else who has read it. Our book club is for anyone who wants to read and discuss a wide range books. Join us on Facebook.


We love working with groups and workplaces to provide excellent facilitation of mental health workshops. As a trauma-informed clinic, we are especially interested in helping organizations become more trauma aware. We can work with your group to deliver a workshop that is right for your needs. We are able to offer both in-person and virtual workshops as requested. Some of the topics we have presented in the past include:

  • Trauma-focused Workplaces
  • Crisis Response Following A Traumatic Event
  • Coping with Grief and Loss,
  • Attachment and Parenting
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mindfulness

Looking for a space to host a small workshop or event? We also have rental space available! Email or call 217-8433 for more information.