Welcome to Rising Tides Healing Centre!

Rising Tides Healing Centre is a safe harbor where you can work through the unresolved issues and traumas that interfere with your life. 

We know that starting therapy can be overwhelming. We make it our goal to offer the best trauma therapy services available in our region. With a focus on deeper healing of PTSD and other psychological conditions, we offer a variety of specialized trauma therapy treatment options.

At Rising Tides, we will develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. We offer both in-person sessions for residents of the Saint John Region and virtual sessions across New Brunswick.

When you enter our building, you will find an understanding and dedicated team of trauma-focused therapists. We also offer additional therapeutic and healing services and events aimed at helping you feel better and in control of your life. We are committed to offering you the best trauma therapy services that are responsive to your needs so you can heal and live your life more fully again.