About Rising Tides

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Rising Tides Healing Centre was born.

Rising Tides Owner Lori McIsaac Bewsher
When I decided to start my counselling practice in 2018, creating a healing community was part of my dream. Located just outside Saint John in Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick, I found the perfect home for this dream to come to life. Located in a large, historical home, Rising Tides Healing Centre offers a comfortable space where everyone is welcomed and supported regardless of where they are in their healing process. The name Rising Tides was chosen because of our close proximity to the Bay of Fundy.  It was also inspired by the slow and steady rhythm of rising tidal waters. Just as the tide  stays in constant motion and carries all within her waters, a healing community acts in a similar way.

In a 1963 speech, John F. Kennedy was quoted as saying, “The rising tide lifts all the boats”. Although his words were spoken about the economy, I believe the same words can be said about the benefit of individual health and healing on entire communities.  

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Rising Tides Healing Centre was officially born. Just a short scenic drive from the heart of Saint John, we provide the counselling and supports you may need to fully heal from pain and trauma. When you enter our front doors, you will find a team of therapists and in-house partners ready to welcome you in. We truly believe you can heal from trauma and are ready to support you through every step of your healing process. 

Bringing mental, physical and emotional health together for better results.

Our Mission

Rising Tides Healing Centre is a multi-disciplinary and trauma-focused mental health therapy centre. We use  evidence based treatment options that have been  proven to provide deeper healing for the whole body and mind. 

Our Vision

As leaders in the field of trauma therapy, we support prevention and early intervention approaches to prevent the onset of mental health injuries.  When injury does occur, we offer effective treatment options to reduce the impact of trauma and PTSD. We are committed to providing trauma treatment that is effective, collaborative and accessible to all.

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