Natalie Cormier

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The Need to Please

Helping people can feel really good and is a natural human behaviour. We want to bring happiness to the people that we love. However, it may become too much when the needs of others take priority over our own needs. The difference between simply helping others and people pleasing, is that we over extend ourselves […]

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While grief is often associated with death, it may come in many different forms. In fact, grief is associated with a sense of loss. It might be realizing that you lost your innocence as a child, losing a job, losing a routine, losing a friend, or moving away, to name a few. Losing something or

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There is a common misconception about what hypnosis, as many people think that the person is being controlled by another person. However, with hypnosis, you are actually always in control. In fact, hypnosis is simply taking in suggestions that bring you into a deep state of relaxation. The person who is being hypnotized always has

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