Highlighter And Calendar

Better Manage September Stress

If you are anything like me, you have mixed feelings about September. As much as I love the unstructured and spontaneous nature of summer, by late August, I am starting to crave some routine. I just wish it didn’t come with packed lunches, chaotic mornings and a full calendar of activities!

Here are a few things to remember as we transition back to September:

1. Tackle one thing at a time. Back-to-school shopping lists, activity registrations, open houses – whatever is on your list over the next couple of weeks, do it with focus and intention. Stress arises when we try to juggle a lot of information at once. Make a list, mark it on a calendar and tend to one task at a time. Even better, pay attention to why it is important, rather than just ticking it off the list!

2. Lower your expectations. Whether you pledge to prepare only homemade goodies or commit to ensuring no one ever misses the school bus again, make sure you aren’t unnecessarily adding more stress to your plate. Set your intentions but be self-compassionate. When life gets busy, focus on the “must-dos.  Give yourself permission to do what is manageable in these moments.

3. Prioritize your own needs. In the hustle of preparing your children and family for the new fall routines, do not forget about you! You will need self-care routines more than ever. Do not let your own healthy habits slide in this process. Make sure you designate time each day to check in with yourself and for some self-care! Talk to a friend, go for a walk, read a book. These little acts of kindness to ourselves can go a long way.

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