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Trauma Therapy

The Three Phases of Trauma Treatment

Introduction: “Why do I need to pay for a therapist when I can just talk to my friend for free?” “How many sessions of therapy do I actually need?”  “How ...
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Woman Standing And Thinking

The Need to Please

Helping people can feel really good and is a natural human behaviour. We want to bring happiness to the people that we love. However, it may become too much when ...
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Couple Cuddling Outside


While grief is often associated with death, it may come in many different forms. In fact, grief is associated with a sense of loss. It might be realizing that you ...
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There is a common misconception about what hypnosis, as many people think that the person is being controlled by another person. However, with hypnosis, you are actually always in control. ...
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Man Looking Out The Window

Is your Emotional Reaction Coming from the Past?

Events, people or situations can sometimes upset us. However, there are times when our reactions are so much more intense than the situation warrants. You may be wondering why that ...
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Woman Watching The Sunset

Managing the Anxiety of Starting Something New

Whether it’s starting a new job, a new relationship or moving to a new place, starting something new can be anxiety provoking. In fact, it pushes you to step into ...
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Kaci The Therapy Dog
Pet Therapy

Benefits of having Animals Part of Therapy

Animals In Therapy Animals have been accepted into our homes as family members for quite some time. Animals can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression simply by being ...
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Connected Puzzle Pieces

The Three Most Important Ways to Connect

Connection To Others As human beings, we are wired for connection. Our survival as a species has often depended upon being part of a community for safety and protection. When ...
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Every Child Matters Graphic

What is Intergenerational Trauma?

Legacy of Residential School Learning that the bodies of 215 aboriginal children were discovered on the grounds of a residential school in Kamloops, BC has been horrifying for our country. ...
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Nervous System Image

Heal From Trauma: EMDR & Polyvagal Theory

In order to heal from trauma, it is helpful to understand how our nervous system gathers information from our environment and responds to it. Polyvagal theory, created by Dr. Stephen ...
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