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As a trauma-informed clinic, we offer therapy services and treatment planning that is specific to your needs. We also offer both in-person and virtual options. You can choose to come into our clinic location or access your counselling sessions from the comfort of your own home. 

There are a lot of things to cover during a counselling hour. We want to give you enough time to feel settled in before jumping into the deeper work of healing. It’s also important to have time to readjust to present moment before ending your session. Some of our therapists offer extended sessions so that you can have more time without being limited to one hour on a clock. For others, shorter and more frequent sessions may be ideal. We focus on what matters most to you.

We know that counselling services won’t look the same for everyone. Our therapists work with children, adults, couples and families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. As a trauma-informed clinic, we understand that some populations have been under serviced and highly traumatized. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of indigenous and  2SLGBTQQIA+ communities and work to create safe spaces for this healing to occur. 

Please be sure to check with your insurance company to verify the coverage is included in your plan.

What to Expect

At Rising Tides, we’re here for you. We are your partners in therapy. Together, we’ll explore new perspectives so you can gain self-awareness and the skills you need to be happier and healthier.

CBT Therapist Lori McIsaac Bewsher

Here's How:

First Meeting
We start with an initial session to see if we are a good fit for your needs. We will get an understanding of your struggles. If we think another therapist or professional can better serve you, we’ll be honest. If we’re a good match for your needs, we’ll discuss next steps and a plan that will work for you. 

A Safe Place
Our clinic is a cosy space where your privacy is paramount. Where you can relax and just be yourself. Along with our counsellors’ adherence to our profession’s strictest codes of confidentiality, we have rigorous administrative processes in place to safeguard file security. 

Therapy Toolkit

Every person, every life is unique. Our dynamic team is trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities to offer the best-fit treatment plan to move you towards deeper healing, and a happier, healthier place. Our focus is on deeper healing of longer term issues which includes our trauma-focused approaches.

Which counselling is right for me?

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Individual Counselling

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