Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

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What is DBT-informed therapy?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was originally created to support people who have strong emotions or difficulty with relationships. Strong emotions can sometimes lead to behaviours, like self harm, or acting in ways that damage relationships and make it difficult to connect with others. A comprehensive DBT program for the treatment of borderline personality disorder includes 4 components: skills groups, individual DBT therapy, phone coaching, and a consultation team.  DBT-informed therapy incorporates elements of DBT into the therapy session but is not the same as attending a comprehensive DBT program. DBT-informed therapy can be used to treat a variety of other mental health conditions including drug abuse, eating disorders and PTSD.

What to expect in a DBT-informed session?

DBT-informed therapy focuses on the development of skills related to self-regulation. You will learn how to be with your distress without engaging in undesired behaviours. DBT-informed therapy focuses on communication, mindfulness, and grounding skills. It also offers a more balanced way of thinking and making decisions. 

A DBT-informed therapist will guide you through the process of skill development particularly in these four core areas of functioning: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation & distress tolerance.

What are the benefits of DBT-informed therapy?

DBT is a proven treatment that reduces high risk behaviours such as self harm and suicide. With the development of learned skills and self-acceptance, DBT-informed therapy can help you function better in your life. Some of the benefits of DBT-informed therapy include a reduction in distressing symptoms, improve mood and increase feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. Some people will require the structure of a full comprehensive DBT program and we can offer a referral to these programs if required.
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