A Catalyst for Connection.

Rising Tides is more than a counselling agency. It’s a place for sharing new ideas, coming together as a community and growing as people. We are driven to support individuals, but also groups and communities, to fulfill their fullest potential.


The Mindfulness Series

Through four sessions, we explore the history and definition of mindfulness, and share strategies to improve your emotional and physical health. Session one offers an introduction, sessions two and three look at how mindfulness can benefit us at work and at home and session four looks at how mindfulness can have a positive impact on health and fitness.

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Surviving Adolescence: Strategies for Parents and Caregivers

New dates coming Spring 2020.

Transitioning from childhood to adolescence to independence in adulthood isn’t easy. In this practical session, we’ll explore seven strategies for parents and caregivers to use in helping them make the shift. To register, email or call 217-8433.

Rising Minds Book Club

Most of us have purchased self-help books with the intention of digging in and learning more about ourselves or others. Often, we get distracted by our busy lives and don’t quite finish the whole thing. Or we finish it and we are really excited about what we learned, but would love to share our thoughts with someone else who has read it. Our book club is for anyone who wants to read and discuss a wide range books. Join us on Facebook.

Other Workshop Topics

  • Communication Skills
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Compassion Fatigue and Self Care
  • Adoption: Attachment and Parenting
  • Grief and Loss

Interested in a workshop on another topic? We can custom-design sessions for your group. Email or call 217-8433.