Meet Holly Inniss

Social Work Student

Hello, I’m Holly Inniss, a registered social worker with 15 years of experience. I am excited to join the team at Rising Tides for my Master of Social Work field placement. Here, I aim to expand upon my counseling skills and apply the Trauma-Informed Care principles that I’ve learned while continuing my education.

My experience includes working within government services and healthcare. I am particularly passionate about mental health and have extensive experience working with individuals dealing with psychosis and substance use disorders. In my practice, I integrate approaches such as CBT, Solution-Focused, Trauma-Informed, and strengths-based methods.

It’s a privilege to support others and hear their stories. With a client-centered approach, I strive to meet you where you are in your personal wellness journey. Together, we can address challenges and build upon your strengths. I am available to meet in person, by telephone, or virtually.

When I’m not at Rising Tides, you may find me enjoying video games with a cat on my lap.

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