Let Your Intuition Guide You Book

How To Be More Intuitive

Have you ever received a message from someone at the exact moment you were thinking about them? Maybe you have noticed “signs” that reinforce that you have made the right decision? Do you recognize when your intuition is speaking to you?

Every day we are faced with making multiple decisions. Some choices are easier to make than others, but each decision is influenced by a reflective process, even if it takes only a millisecond to react. Most often, we rely upon on our cognitive processes to make decisions. If it’s a major decision, we might do a little research, talk to friends or draw from our previous experiences. We might seek to gather as much information as we need to make a thoughtful and logical decision.

But what about when we feel a little stuck? When there doesn’t seem to be an obvious choice, we may need to invite our instinct to be our guide.

Intuition is the response we experience within our bodies which triggers an understanding that did not result from conscious reasoning.

We all have the ability to draw from intuition but because of it’s dependence on our feeling state, it may not be easy to recognize it’s presence. This is especially true when we are impacted by anxiety, depression or trauma. In a heightened state of nervous system arousal, it can be hard to hear the subtle nuances of our intuition at work.

We can learn to be more intuitive by becoming more attentive to what is happening around us. Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation activities all provide opportunities to notice what we are experiencing beyond our cognitive states. Becoming more aware of how we experience our feelings in our mind, body and spirit will invite our intuition to become more present when cognitive reasoning is insufficient.

Do you have a story of intuition to share? We love to hear your comments!


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