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There is a common misconception about what hypnosis, as many people think that the person is being controlled by another person. However, with hypnosis, you are actually always in control. In fact, hypnosis is simply taking in suggestions that bring you into a deep state of relaxation. The person who is being hypnotized always has control to say no if they are asked to do something against their will, as hypnosis is simply being able to take in suggestions. No one can hypnotize you if you do not want to be hypnotized. If you believe that you cannot be hypnotized or that you can, you are right. Hypnosis is actually a natural state of mind that is similar to spacing out while driving and not remembering how you got there. The surprising fact is that hypnosis, even when guided, is self-hypnosis. It is about how much you can surrender, let go, and allow the suggestions in. When you do go into a hypnotic trance, your conscious mind quiets down and your subconscious mind takes over. While there are different levels of trance, hypnotherapy is usually in a lighter level of trance so that you can remember your session.


While it might be easier to go in a hypnotic trance with the guidance of someone else, it is possible to do self-hypnosis. In fact, since hypnosis is self-hypnosis, there are techniques that you can utilise to bring yourself in a hypnotic trance. Some may fear not being able to come out of trance, but the fact is, just like you are able to snap out of spacing out while driving, you can come out of hypnosis. Nonetheless, it might be easier to try it with a professional before trying it on yourself; however, it is not required. Hypnosis can also be used for many reasons, including decreasing anxiety, finding inner answers, building inner resources, breaking down addictions, building confidence, etc. It is very similar to being in a state of meditation, as it is a relaxed state where you become hyper-focused and open for suggestions. In order to get into a hypnotic trance, you can check out apps that offer hypnotic inductions or online videos.  

Building Resources

While there are many things that you can explore in a hypnotic trance, one of the things that you can do is build inner resources. Once you get into a trance, you can start by going to one of the most relaxing places. This place can be a place that you have been a thousand times before or it can be a completely new place. Notice all the colours, the sounds, the sceneries there, the smells and the textures. Use all of your senses to be there. Once you are there, you can start to notice what you like about that place. Perhaps it’s a feeling, a sound, or a sense. Really let yourself be there. As you connect to this place, notice what happens in your body, and sit with the experience for a while. Then, see if you can connect to the adult part of you. It is the part that keeps you going on your life path, the part that makes all the wise decisions for you, the part that acts on your behalf. And, when you connect to that part of you, notice how this part feels in your body. Where do you notice it? It might help to strengthen that part by connecting to a time where this part acted on your behalf or made a decision that you are proud of. You can connect to that time in the same way that you connected to your favourite place, by using all of your senses. Once you feel connected with the wise adult part of you, notice what you are feeling once more in your body. You can do the same process with the kind, caring, loving and gentle part of you. Feel free to use your creativity and explore each part. If this feels right to you, this is a good place to also connect to your spiritual connection. A spiritual connection can be anything from a guide, an angel, an archangel, an ascended master, Buddha, Jesus, God, the universe, the source, or anything that comes to mind. Perhaps it’s nature, an animal or something else comes to you. Once you connect to that spiritual connection, you might notice an emotion or a sensation in your body. See if you can connect to the spiritual connection’s energy and notice what it feel like. There could also be more than one that comes to you. If you like their energy, you can choose to call on them when you need support, guidance, clarity, care, or whatever else they may bring to you. You can play around with these, and really embody the experience by noticing what happens in your body.

Emotional Dimmer Switch

Once you feel complete with the previous exercise, a mini emotional regulation exercise that you can try out is called the dimmer switch. You can start by creating a dimmer switch in your non-dominant hand and notice its colour, texture, size and shape. With your dominant hand, feel the knob that either turns up or down, side to side, or in circle. This dimmer switch will represent a switch to decrease emotional intensity. Once you feel connected to the dimmer switch, go to a time when you felt a difficult emotion. Notice that emotion in your body, and as you turn the dimmer switch down and feel the emotional intensity match the dial. Really pay attention to the emotion’s intensity as you turn the dial down. Then, try turning it back up and notice what happens. Play around with it, and notice how you feel with each level of intensity. You now have control over the emotional intensity, and you can use this as a quick emotional regulating tool when the emotional reaction feels too much. Really use your hand to turn the switch up and down. While these are just a couple tools that you can use, there are many other techniques and tricks that you can play around with while being in a hypnotic trance.

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