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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is all about taking the time to focus on you. Your therapist will take the time to really get to know you and build an understanding of your hopes for the future. We want to develop treatment goals that truly reflect what will be better in your life if therapy is successful. You don’t have to worry about what to talk about. Your therapist will guide you through this process of getting to know each other.

Although there may be many symptoms or triggers that you want to work on, we will first help you see yourself in new ways. During individual counselling sessions, you will be guided in learning how your previous experiences and relationships have impacted your current situation. We’ll help you pick the treatment goals that matter most to you and start from there. Although it can be difficult to know how many sessions you will need, you and your therapist will work together on a plan and schedule that works for you.

Having a positive relationship with your counsellor is a big part of successful therapy. Building trust and connection to your therapist is the first step in any healing process. You may find the conversations flow easily from your first session. Or you may find it takes some time to figure out. The counsellors’ previous education, training, experience and personality can all be factors in determining whether they are a good fit for you or not. Take some time to read through our counsellors’ bios and videos to help you decide which therapist may be right for you. We’d invite you to Meet Our Team.

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