Meet Jean Sloan

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

On their journey to mental and emotional health, I help clients get in touch with their true and authentic Self, navigating a path to personal growth and freedom. I help clients to know and to feel the inherent worthiness of Self and from a place of confidence, feel empowered to take inspired action to lead the lives they have always wanted.
I bring a non-judgmental, person focused, and trauma aware approach to sessions with all clients and uses Internal Family Systems (IFS) as a primary modality to help clients develop the relationship between Self and their parts. I also teach mind-body awareness to help clients feel grounded, present and safe in their daily lives.
I provide individual therapy to adult clients who suffer from food addiction and obesity as well as myriad of other issues be it anxiety and depression, grief and loneliness, or just facing life’s many challenges. My objective is to help clients develop a sense of joy as they live their lives with intention and purpose.
I’m a Licensed Counselling Therapist (C) with the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick. I hold a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and I’m considered IFS informed having completed several training programs including Stepping Stones, a 16 Week Comprehensive IFS Course, IFS Online Circle: Foundations of the IFS Model and Coaching for Self-Leadership: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems offered through the IFS Institute. I am currently working toward IFS certification.
JEAN IS ACCPETING NEW CLIENTS IN FREDERICTON AND WOODSTOCK. Jean also offers virtual appointments across NB.
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