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Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide

How many times have you set a goal that you didn’t achieve? We often set our sights on something we believe we want, but our actions don’t always line up with our intentions. 

Often, we are trying to get away from an undesirable behaviour –- lose weight, drink less, save money –- and our goals are meant to push us away from what we don’t want. 

What if our actions were more aligned with what we do want to achieve? Identifying how you will feel if you achieve your goal may be a better guidepost than focusing on the behaviour you want to extinguish.

Want to lose weight? Focus on nourishing a healthy body and what that might feel like rather than what it will look like.

Want to drink less? Imagine how your life might be if you were no longer using alcohol.

Want to spend less money? Focus on the feelings you may experience if you were in control of your spending habits.

Make choices that support what your goals will bring you rather than relying on willpower to avoid what you don’t want.

What goals are you trying to achieve? What’s standing in your way? Check out our upcoming workshops for additional support.

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