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Experience. Empathy. Empowerment.

At Rising Tides, we believe you are the authority on your life. We also believe you have more control over your health and well-being than you may realize. We are your partners in empowerment, helping you reclaim a sense of ownership with thoughtful strategies and compassionate counselling.

Lori McIsaac Bewsher

Owner & Counsellor

You can tell me anything.

Along with a master’s degree and over 20 years of experience in social work, I bring an open ear, generous spirit and rich life experience to my practice. I listen – a lot. I don’t judge. And I won’t tell you how to feel. Your emotions are valid and real.

I blend practical and research-backed strategies with human support and kindness. I want to move you to a place where you feel confident in yourself and your ability to manage stress. Where you accept that you don’t have to be perfect. Where you can be still, enjoy moments and guide your thoughts without getting stuck in them.

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Lori’s online booking calendar is available here.

Kendra Higgs


I bring a deep curiosity about the human experience, relationships and behaviour to my practice. It’s a privilege for me to sit with my clients in the confusing and painful parts of life. I’ve worked with individuals, couples and families presenting a wide range of concerns, and have specific training and experience in marriage and family therapy, family of origin work, emotional wellness and self-compassion.

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Maura Garey


Life can be tough and stressful. Sometimes your thoughts start to spin and you find it hard to manage your emotions and you don’t feel like yourself.  I can help.

I have been working as a counsellor since I received my Masters in 2001.  I later went back to university and completed my Doctorate.  I believe that compassion and empathy can move us forward. I work with children, adults, and families to work through a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, PTSD, gender identity transitions, LGBTQ issues, conflict resolution, grief and loss, life changes, and spiritual counselling.

I will offer a listening ear, a  kind word, skill development, and coping strategies to help you move forward to be a more complete and whole person. Mental health difficulties can be tough to confront but talking and processing  your issues with a professional will do wonders for the soul!

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Jessica McTague

Master of Counselling Psychology Student

I have always had an interest in human behavior and relationships, and a desire to help others which is why I naturally gravitated towards counselling psychology after completing a masters in experimental psychology. Although I am new to this profession, I am very eager to continue learning and growing while supporting my clients and assisting them with the issues they may be facing! I firmly believe counselling can be beneficial to anyone if they are ready, because it provides a space where you can have a confidential, non-judgemental conversation to process experiences and foster strategies to maximize your well-being. I am interested in working with both children and adults, with a variety of stressors or mental health concerns. I am here when you are ready to talk – do not hesitate to reach out!

Jessica is offering sessions at no cost during her internship.

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Heather Cronk

Naturopath & Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (RHNC)

Heather Cronk is a Naturopath & Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (RHNC). Since graduating in 2011, Heather has continued to grow as a professional and to specialize in many areas including digestive health, weight managment and nutritional supplementation.

Heather is also currently studying to become a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach.

Heather is a member of the Association of Naturopaths (ANPQ) as well as the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (ACNN).

Holistic Nutrition encompasses the whole body. Looking at not only your diet, Heather will help you get to the root cause of your health concerns by exploring your digestive health, stress levels, sleeping patterns, detoxification pathways, environment and so much more.

Heather is passionate about her work, and eager to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is digestive issues, strengthening the immune system, weight loss, hormones, minimizing stress or gaining energy. Heather has got you covered!

Book a consultation with Heather today!  Services are covered by most health insurance plans. Direct billing available with Blue Cross.  Packages are available for weight loss and disease management purposes etc.

Initial Consultation $90, Follow up consultations $75

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Phone- 506-609-1512