Meet Our Team

At Rising Tides, our team of trauma-focused therapists truly believe that you can heal. We also believe that you have more control over your health and well-being than you may realize. We will help you discover the healing potential that already exists within you. We are your partners in personal development, helping you to reclaim who you really are by providing thoughtful and experienced care.


Our team of mental health therapists offer a variety of counselling approaches to support your individual needs. All of our therapists hold a minimum of a Masters degree in a counselling field of study. We value the importance of ongoing training and education. We continue to offer new services as we receive training and certification in new treatment models. Many of our therapists are trained in EMDR an evidence-based treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health conditions.  

Our Therapists

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Lori McIsaac Bewsher

Owner & Registered Social Worker

Melanie Barber

Registered Social Worker

Olivia Stymiest

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

& Art Therapist

Julie Sharpe

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

Nancy Savoie

Registered Social Worker

Jean Sloan

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

Kelly Reid

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

Kaeli Crozier

Student Counsellor

Rachel Milne

Social Work Student

Heather Barton

Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

Choosing a Therapist

Choosing the right therapist can be overwhelming. Many studies have shown that the quality of the counselling relationship will impact whether therapy is effective or not.  Not only do you want to choose a therapist who is trained and experienced, you also want to choose someone that you feel comfortable and emotionally safe in their presence.

Each therapist has their own style and offers a unique approach to the counselling relationship. At Rising Tides, we appreciate the diversity of interest and experiences that our team members offer.  All of our team members are trauma-focused therapists. You can Meet Our Team to help you make a decision. If you still aren’t sure who to pick, please contact us and we can make a recommendation. 

We would encourage you to also review the blog post 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Therapist when you are making a decision to work with a therapist.  

At Rising Tides, our therapists bring their own unique experiences and interests to the counselling relationship. We’ll help you find the therapist and approach that is best suited for your needs.

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