Therapy is one part of healing, but it’s not the only one. We offer a variety of yoga classes, including beginner, kundalini, restorative and yoga nidra classes. Community, feeling connected, and nurturing your mind, body and spirit can do wonders for your healing.

We also offer bi-monthly thermography clinics as part of our holistic healing partnerships. If you have been unsure about where to start, let us design a treatment plan that works for you. 

Whether you chose to attend one of our bi-monthly clinics, a workshop or a beginner yoga class, we are ready to welcome you into our healing space. We will take the time to get to know and grow along side you!


We offer a wide range of yoga classes to help you connect body, mind, and spirit. Build strength, strengthen your immune system, decompress, reset, and release stress and anxiety with yoga. Check the schedule to find the right class for you.


Please join Leanne on Tuesday evenings for a Guided Meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Bath. She will be doing guided meditations on the Chakras (Reiki – to help balance and remove blockages), meditations for stress/emotional reduction, and visualization meditations.


Thermography has been proven to be effective in providing an early warning detection providing you the power to transform your Health & Well Being. Book a Thermography session with Kathryn to make the invisible visible with a non-invasive, no radiation, no risk functional screening tool using Infrared Technology.
Upcoming Dates: January 30, March 27, May 29
Click here for more information about Thermography.


Jacie will be offering a Reiki class in April and May! Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that channels high vibrating energy, removing blocks that cause physical and emotional pain. Learning Reiki for yourself will give you a whole new capacity to care for yourself and others, reducing anxiety, physical pain, and trauma responses.

April 17th @ 10am-3pm

May 15th @ 10am-3pm

Feng Shui

In this 90 minute in-person event, Jess will be teaching Feng Shui to show you how to create a nurturing and supportive feel-good environment in your home. Included will be tips on decluttering what no longer serves you, what furniture arrangements can best support you, what colors to select + décor to incorporate, and key rooms to focus your attention. You will leave this event with the confidence to shift the energy at your home, with intention towards peace, healing and balance.
May 30th @ 2pm-3:30


Boundaries & Assertiveness Group Sessions

Giving feels good, and helping others can be a great experience – until you feel exhausted, tired, resentful, or drained.

Becoming the best version of yourself, and showing up full for everyone around you, requires boundaries and assertiveness.