#BlackOut Tuesday

I have a very vivid memory of being twelve years old and riding in the backseat of our family vehicle on a long car ride. My father always listened to CBC radio and although I mostly remember complaining about talk radio back then (I love it now – maybe because of my Dad’s influence!) but […]

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Your Mental Health Matters Too

That’s right. Your mental health matters too. Like many of you, I have been watching the updates regarding COVID-19 and adhering to the precautions that have been recommended by our government departments. I believe in “flattening the curve”. I believe that our diligence now will potentially avoid a catastrophic event like we are witnessing in […]

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Unpacking Our Trauma

When I began my private practice, I didn’t expect to become a trauma therapist. Like other clinicians I had known, I didn’t feel adequately trained and prepared to support individuals, families and communities impacted by a traumatic event. As a counsellor, I knew I had empathy and understanding to share but I wasn’t confident that […]

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