Narrative Therapy

What is narrative therapy?

Narrative therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps you to understand how your lived experiences have contributed to what you believe about yourself.  Through the process of telling your own life story, you can be guided in recognizing that your problems exist outside of yourself and the meaning that you give to these stories can always be changed.

What to expect in a narrative therapy session?

In narrative therapy sessions, you will first begin to identify the story of your experiences and the meaning it has had in your life. With the support of your therapist, you will begin to deconstruct the meaning of these experiences, allowing the space for externalization to occur.

Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.

Ann Voskamp

What are the benefits of narrative therapy?

One of the primary benefits of narrative therapy is that it gives you the space to become the expert in your own life. By challenging the often negative and dominant stories that you have come to believe about yourself, with the support of your narrative therapist you are able to formulate new beliefs and understandings about yourself. Narrative therapy can be helpful in treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief and PTSD.

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