Somatic Experiencing

What is SE?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body oriented therapeutic model. It aims to complete self-protective response from traumatic experiences and release bound up survival energy in the body. It is a gentle approach that guides clients to increase their tolerance for difficult body sensations and suppressed emotions. It works with the nervous system and the body.

What to expect in an SE session?

An SE session is gentle and attempts to stay within the window of tolerance, while going through stories. It slows down the story and approaching thoughts, body sensations, emotions, body movements and images. It promotes an awareness to the experience in the present time.

What is SE used to treat?

It is a great to treat trauma, either childhood trauma or a traumatic event. It releases the stored energy in the body and turns off the threat alarm that causes emotional dysregulation. It is key to transforming PTSD and offers a framework to unstuck the fight, flight or freeze response.

What are the benefits of SE?

 Facilitate completion of self-protective motor responses and releases stuck energy in the body due to trauma. It addresses the root cause of trauma and has a gentle approach to slowly increase the window of tolerance to difficult emotions. SE facilitates resources building that are applicable in everyday life, and promotes emotional regulation.

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